Hey! my name is Frankey. I am a longtime member of the fandom which makes me no stranger to the passionate debates associated with the genre. After years of attending conventions and participating in online forums, I noticed that there weren’t many women of color guiding these spaces. Oftentimes, yielding a hostile environment from less tolerant members of the community. Instead of waiting for someone to create the content I wanted to see I decided to take matters into my own hands.

My platform was created to promote diversity and normalize the Black female voice throughout the fandom. My extensive knowledge and polarizing statements incite passionate discussion amongst my audience and quickly established me as a trusted source in the community. My intolerance to bullying and gatekeeping has galvanized my followers to protect the underrepresented.

From there the Fanboy Fighter community was born

So welcome to the Fanboy Fighter Forum. Where you can find authentic reviews and articles from creators in the fandom! Feel free to comment, share, or reach out to contribute.  Scoring will be on a 5-point scale using the term “Frankey Flames.”